Foundation upkeep, avoid costly repairs

At Montclair Construction, we have been performing foundation repairs in the San Francisco/Oakland areas for many years. We have worked on many repairs from the minor foundation issues to some of the most serious forms of damage.

In these years, one thing that we have noticed is that many foundations are not cared for, this may result in repairs that may have been prevented. There are obviously needed actions to be taken such as seismic retrofitting, but correct maintenance and getting to issues early can keep the cost low and goes a long way in preventing foundation damage.

When a home has foundation problems, it is a serious issue. These problems can put the entire structure at risk, and the repairs can be costly. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the steps that can be taken to protect your home foundation.

Inspect Your Foundation

Every homeowner should know the signs that can indicate a need for foundation repair. Once a year, you should inspect your foundation to look for signs of trouble, and if you spot any cracks or other problems, you need to get them fixed right away. Along with performing your own inspections once a year, you should schedule a professional inspection once every few years. When you catch the problems early, it can cut the cost of the repairs, and it can also prevent other types of damage that can be caused by a faulty foundation.

Clean and Maintain Your Gutters

The rain gutters on your home play a vital role in protecting the foundation. When water runs down the roof, the gutter system collects this water and directs it away from the home foundation. If your gutters are clogged with debris or in a state of disrepair, they can’t do this job effectively. To prevent problems that can come from water damage, you should clean and inspect your gutters at least once a year. This will keep the gutters working the way that they should, and it will protect the foundation of your home.

Make Sure Your Property has a Proper Grade

The grade on your property should slope away from your home. This is how the property should have been graded when the home was built, but the grade can diminish and it could lead to water running toward the home instead of away from it. When this occurs, it can expose the foundation to the potential risk of water damage. If you find that your property is has a slope that runs toward the home, you need to get the land regraded.

French Drains & Sump Pumps

If the soil around your home foundation has moisture problems, a French drain can be used to remove some of this moisture from the soil. Getting a French drain installed could be a good way to protect the home foundation, and if you already have one, then you need to make sure that it is well maintained. A sump pump may also be an important part of the drainage system on your property. If you have a sump pump, you should inspect it every year to make sure it is working as it should.

Manage Soil Moisture

High levels of moisture in the soil can be one of the factors that will cause foundation problems, but a lack of moisture can be another cause for concern. When the soil around your foundation loses a lot of water it can contract. When the soil contracts, it could compromise the stability of the foundation. This can be a significant problem in times of drought, but this problem could also be the result of large trees that absorb large amounts of water from the soil.

The entire home depends on the quality of the foundation. If you find problems, they need to be fixed right away, and you should be doing everything you can to prevent foundation problems in the future. If you believe that your home needs foundation repairs, contact the team from Montclair Construction. We can inspect your foundation to find any problems that may exist, and we can perform the repairs that will restore your foundation and protect your home.

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