Helical Pier Foundation

Helical Pier Foundation

Helical Pier FoundationA helical pier is an anchoring solution for the foundation of a structure. They can be good for new buildings and they can be an ideal solution for foundation repair. A helical pier system will have many advantages over a concrete slab and their relative ease of installation makes them a good option for a range of different situations.

In new construction, they can work well for a situation where the soil conditions will not allow for a slab and for foundation repair, they can be used to stabilize a foundation that has become compromised. Along with working well for a variety of new construction and foundation repair needs, helical piers can also be employed for backyard decks and as a foundation when a building gets an addition.

The use of helical piers will come with a variety of advantages. Some of these advantages include a reduction of the disturbance to the ground soil, a better resistance to shifting in the ground, better reliability in places that have a high water table, a project with a smaller carbon footprint and better access to heating and plumbing that run under the structure. In addition to that, they also tend to be easier to repair if they do sustain damage.

Contact the team from Montclair Construction for all of your helical pier foundation installation and repair needs in the Bay Area. With more than 30 years of experience serving the residents of San Francisco and Oakland, we have built a reputation on the quality of our work.

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