Pier and Beam Foundation

Pier and Beam Foundation

Bad structural work on your home can cost you in the future when trying to fix plumbing under the house—because it will be blocked by a lower quality slab foundation. Using a Pier and Beam Foundation you are in a much better position because this kind of foundation is unintrusive and does not block vital access to your home from beneath.

Understanding Pier and Beam Foundations

  • pier and beam foundation  explainedThis structural work allows a more secure and deeping hold on the house than a concrete slab. It also allows for crawlspace if it’s needed.
  • It uses anchors, called footings, which are made of masonry and are supported by concrete. Footings are installed below the maximum frost depth—giving a very firm foundation.
  • A pier is installed at each footing for a deep crawlspace. Piers are reinfoced wood and are place about 1 foot apart, depending on the design of the building.
  • The Beams are laid across the piers and are leveled. Joists are put on the beans perpendicularly and the floor boards for the 1st floot are put on top of the joists.

Many times the company working on your home will be the ones deciding which kind of foundation repair is needed, however if you have the full understanding you could recommend what kind you want it get it that way. Usually the company will know exactly the type of work needed since they specialize in that area, but there may be peculiarities about your house you may want to make known. Understanding the pros and cons of the types of the different foundations could greatly benefit you.

Pier and Beam Foundation Advantages

  • Easier access to heating and plumbing without breaking through concrete.
  • More durable against ground shifting than concrete slabs. Even with severe ground shifting, the foundation is easily put back in place, rather than the very expensive than repairing the concrete slabs once damaged.
  • The floor of your home has less impact on the body because your home is on a suspended surface. They are very easy on the body’s joints.
  • They are very deep into the ground and are extremely resistant to all weather conditions

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area (Including Oakland, Alameda and Piedmont) contact us at Montclair Construction for pier and beam foundation repair or installation. Call (510) 547-2457 for an estimator to meet with you and discuss your project free of charge.

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