Hillside Stabilization

Hillside Stabilization

Montclair Construction offers customized solutions for hillside stabilization in the Oakland/San Francisco area. In our region, hillside stabilization and seismic foundation retrofitting are a necessity for almost any home or structure built on sloping ground. In fact, due to the particular geography of the San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area, water erosion during the rainy season and the pervasive seismic hazard pose a constant risk for landslides and other dangerous lateral soil movement.

The reality is that many existing hillside homes were often built without proper ground analysis and preparation. Construction standards and codes are regularly revised and upgraded to ensure construction safety. But the actual application of such upgrades on the existing structures and buildings are only minimal, and only a percentage of all the houses in need of foundation stabilization have undergone actual remediation in California. The economics of a hillside stabilization project can pose a problem for homeowners, but the responsibility of maintaining a house comes along with the benefits and pride of homeownership, and periodic inspection and upkeep of the foundation of a house is always more cost effective than having to incur in a major overhaul.

Making Sure Your House Has a Proper Grade

If a house is graded correctly, the grade should slope away from your home. However, through time the grade can change, which can cause rainwater to run more towards the house than away from it. Foundation water damage can then occur, with severe consequences for the stability of the structure. In the specific case of foothill homes where the slope along the back or the side of the property is running towards the house, the land needs to be adequately graded to avoid the risk of water damage, collapsing of the structure or landslides.

Get Your Property Inspected and Plan the Safety of Your Home

If your home matches the above description, getting it inspected by a professional construction company specialized in foundation repair and stabilization can give you peace of mind and help you prepare to maintain the safety and value of your property.

There are different solutions and methods that can be utilized for a hillside stabilization project. Depending on the settings of the existing structure, the condition of the soil, the geography of the area other related factors, the solution can be the repair or construction of repair of Retaining Walls, Gabions, Caissons and Grade Beams, as well as hillside regrading or terracing. These are the methods typically used for hillside homes in our area and across California.

Who to Choose for the Job

If a hillside stabilization project becomes a necessity, choosing a contractor can be as crucial as the job itself. At Montclair Construction we have the experience and expertise to offer you the best and more cost-effective hillside stabilization solution. We inspect your property, analyze the factors and the risks at play, and go over these with you so that you can truly understand the situation and its solutions.

If you are anywhere in Northern California, call us for a FREE consultation of your house to determine the best hillside stabilization method for your property.

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