Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure, usually made of stone or brick or concrete, that holds back dirt, soil, or rock from an area. A retaining wall helps your property avoid gradual downward movement that is caused over time by gravity. This kind of erosion is a problem that many home owners face and, short of installing a retaining wall, there is not much that can be done. In the San Francisco Bay Area this is especially important because with the sloping land, this erosion factor becomes stronger and can cause serious damage to your home. If you live on a hill, you should have already have series of retaining walls and must keep the land from sliding and in good shape to protect your property’s value.

Retaining walls have evolved over time from single slab, concrete walls. Some of These older style retaining walls were not engineered correctly, had failures more than modern engineered segmented retaining walls. Not only that, but by installing your retaining wall with smaller blocks of brick and stone, you pay much less.

Purpose of a retaining wall

Retaining walls have two major purposes:

  1. To support the land it is holding up or
  2. As pure decoration, such as to make a space for elevated plants.

We at Montclair Construction can help you installation for with either of these purposes. For retaining walls as decoration we can help you with the design and can also work with a design that you already have in mind to get it swiftly executed. However, you should know in advance where you can and cannot dig, as it may ruin your design plans. Consult with USA North 811 (Call 8-1-1) to see all of your options, this is part of California’s law and is mandatory. It can sometimes be disappointing to home owners when they find out they cannot build their retaining wall in the perfect space they wanted because of the codes of the city, so don’t let that happen to you and find out where you can dig and then plan after you know.

Once you have your retaining wall project in mind, we can help you bring that idea into a reality with just one call.

Why retaining walls need to be installed professionally

As retaining walls protect your property and the area around San Francisco and Oakland is constantly shifting any substandard construction may not hold when it’s most needed.

Here are some actual examples of failed retaining walls around Oakland.

Repairing or building retaining walls

There is no need to worry, we can easily repair any damaged retaining wall or just install a new one. Here you can see some example of retaining wall construction:

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