Stairs Construction

Stairs Construction

At Montclair Construction we can transform stairs in any condition into a dazzling staircase. It doesn’t matter if your stairs today are broken, decaying, creaking or anything else. We’ve seen all types of staircases in our 30 years of experience, and guarantee that we can make your stairs beautiful.

For any job we do at Montclair Construction we offer a Design & Build option. For your stairs this means that we will work with you to select the exact design that you want and we will build it for you. This way, you do not need to hire a designer and a construction company—this reduces your overall costs and saves you a lot of hassle. Our work is all done in-house with our own highly skilled craftsmen.

Stairs construction before and afterHere you can see a before and after pictures of a stairs construction. The client had guests over after the remodel and they were amazed at the difference. Drastic improvements such as these are common to our jobs. We would love to improve the appearance of your home.

As part of all stairs projects we include handrails, see our handrail page for more information.

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