New Construction

New Construction

When you hire Montclair Construction for our design and build services, it means that we handle your entire project—the planning, design, plans, budgeting, and actual construction. The key benefit of this approach is that everyone involved is working as one united team to get the job done fast and efficiently. From before the construction begins, our team has the same goal in mind: to make your property become what you want it to. How else would we know if we did not discuss it in detail with you?

From the initial stage of setting up your free estimate, we will already ask you questions about exactly what you want done to your house and will work with you to make it best work with your budget. We know that you take pride in your home and want to make it perfect. That is why we got into this business: to make beautiful homes.

This approach of working with you results in more effective planning, improved quality control, a more accurate estimate, and a realistic time frame for your job.

Our crew is dedicated to creating things that will make you even more proud of your home and impress your guests. Our customers’ testimonials speak for themselves, people are happy with their completed jobs and we are always glad to be a part of that.

Call us at (510) 547-2457 to schedule for an estimator to meet with you and plan your home project. We will provide you the courtesy service of meeting with you in person to give you an accurate free quote once we take a look at your house and know your project.

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