House Releveling

House Releveling

Uneven floors in your home can cause doors to not close properly, can make your windows lopsided and can otherwise ruin the natural feel of your home. In order to make your home level again, the source of the problem must first be located. You may have a problem with the base of your foundation, or could have rotting wood that is sinking and causing a slope.

Any of these issues can be solved easily with a professional house releveling job. At Montclair Construction we specialize in rapid assessment of your particular problem and then use the most efficient, cost-effective method of repair. The end result is always your home in its original perfectly level position. The house is also fortified so that it will not sink or slope again.

Partially due to our high levels of certification, we at Montclair Construction always use effective long-term solutions for your home. The potential conditions of the environment need to be guarded against because heavy rain and earthquakes can have shattering effects on your home. Luckily good construction nowadays provides for methods to mitigate these environmental factors and keep them at a minimum.

Emergency Signs to watch out for

If you have these things happening it is vital that you have your house inspected to prevent further damage:

  • Cracks on the outside or inside walls of your home
  • Doors require a lot of effort to open because they are stuck
  • Windows cannot be opened easily

If these things are happening, it is possible that installing piers in your home could fix all of that and also address the source of the problem: an uneven foundation.

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