Who We Are

Who We Are

Montclair Construction started as a family business in the fall of 1983 in the charming district of Oakland, California known as Montclair. Success and growth evolved the company into incorporation in 1999, and for over 30 years we have been refining our ability to take clients from concept to completion on a wide variety of projects.

Our Design & Build team combines remodeling and new custom home building experience. We are well-known for the outstanding quality of our work, fair pricing, attention to detail and dedication to our homeowners’ satisfaction. Montclair craftsmen are skilled tradesmen and among the finest in the area. With 3 experienced estimators, we cover a broad Bay Area expanse, there is never a charge for us to come talk with you, to review your project. You will get immediate attention and service when you call Emily and Diana who manage our project offices.

Carlo Khatchi, founder and principal of the company, grew up in the construction field; his father was a carpenter. Carlo majored in engineering major at San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco. “What I like about this business is meeting people and developing the systematic plan to transform their dreams into reality. It becomes a highly creative process and the satisfaction is great on both sides when the job is completed well.”

Awards and Affiliations

  • Member is in good standing of the BBB
  • Member of Dixie Certified Foundation Installers
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry

Montclair Construction & Structural, Inc.


Montclair Construction & Structural, Inc. provides a full range of construction services for residential and commercial clients in Northern Alameda and Southern Contra Costa Counties. In addition to handling its customers’ new construction and remodeling projects, the company has special expertise with structural work such as foundation repair, structural upgrades and seismic retrofits.

President Carlo Khatchi says Montclair Construction & Structural’s clients benefit from its three-plus decades of industry experience. “Many foundation contractors have to redo prior jobs for their clients, but we’ve yet to have a single foundation fail after 30 years in business. If a customer calls with an issue related to our workmanship, we’ll go back and fix it at no cost, even if it was years ago and beyond the limits of the warranty.”

As a LEED Certified company, Montclair Construction & Structural employs Green building practices whenever possible, paying heed to aspects like sustainability, water conservation and energy efficiency. “We really believe in the benefits of Green building, so we try to spread the word as much as possible,” says Mr. Khatchi. “Ultimately, we want our clients to have homes and workplaces that are more durable and energy-efficient for their families and co-workers.”


“We’ve spent years building a reputation for providing outstanding quality, and everything we do is geared toward maintaining that reputation. We utilize our years of experience, skilled tradesmen and dedication to customer satisfaction to provide services that home and property owners can fully depend on.”


Maintaining customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of our philosophy. For Montclair Construction & Structural, Inc., the key to achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is simple: take an honest approach to every job and always deliver on its promises. “From the very beginning, our goal has been to set an ethical standard for how companies should treat their customers,” says President Carlo Khatchi. “With our skilled craftsmen and years of experience, we’re able to provide services that leave our clients
completely satisfied.”

Montclair Construction & Structural has been providing construction services for residential and commercial clients in Northern Alameda and Southern Contra Costa Counties since 1983. The company primarily focuses on new construction and remodeling projects, but it also has special expertise with structural upgrades, foundation repair and seismic retrofits.

Unlike less experienced foundation contractors that take a “one size fits all” approach to every project and quickly move on once the work is complete, Montclair Construction & Structural takes its time on each job and provides comprehensive follow-up services to ensure the client is satisfied. “We want our customers to trust us completely, and that means making ourselves available any time they have questions or concerns,” says Mr. Khatchi. “If there’s ever a problem with our work, all they have to do is call us and we’ll come back and fix it.

Another unique attribute of Montclair Construction & Structural is its ability to install Helical Piers on buildings and other structures that need to be anchored to the ground. “Helical Piers are metal screws that go through the ground and into the bedrock,” explains Mr. Khatchi. “They tie into the foundations of homes to stop them from moving and into retaining walls to stop them from leaning, and they can also act as posts to hold up a foundation. Helical Piers literally attach structures to the earth, and we’re experts at using them.”

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