Anne Chapman

"Tom and his crew did exceptionally excellent work and went out of their way to be helpful. I could not have a better experience, or better outcome."

Evelyn Troy

"I am happy with all the work. I plan to contact your company for future work I would like done. I have recommended your company to quite a few of my neighborhood friends!"

Bob Blauner

"Josue and his crew were more than excellent! They love doing a beautiful job - they are proud & creative - this is very great! The crew is so incredible- it makes us recommend your company to others."

Karen Morioka

"First of all, thank you very much for the nice job you did on our front stairs. If it's all right with you I would like to refer my clients or other agents to you when they need a good concrete contractor.
Thanks again for the nice job."

James Wenninger

"Whenever I had a question the crew was always ready to clarify what the procedures were for getting the job done correctly."

Irene Harmon

"All I can say is you are very fortunate to have workmen of such high caliber! They speak well for your company."

Richard Taggi

All the improvements and repairs performed appear to be very sound and well done. Even more important than the quality of the work were the responsiveness and thoroughness of your company. When leak problems were discovered in my suspended driveway, the calls I made to your offices were always greeted cordially and sympathetically. When I reported problems. supervisors and worken customarily appeared the next day to address them. Furthermore, they continued until all the leak issues were resolved. Even minor matters, like replacing the catch on my gate, which proved to be a difficult task, were followed up until properly completed.

Wyn Fuery

"I thought your workmanship was excellent and would highly recommend your company to my best friends and associates"

Betty Dennison

"They worked under very bad weather conditions which surprised me. They did extra little things for me which was appreciated."

Donald K. Tamaki

This letter is to inform you that both my wife Suzie Ah-Tye and myself were extremely pleased with Montclair Construction in renovating our upstairs bathroom.
As you know the renovation was extensive requiring the knocking down of walls, lowering the ceiling, putting in new plumbing and fixtures, and retiling. We found that the quality of the work was excellent. We were impressed by the fact that you carefully supervised your employees and reviewed the work regularly. Moreover, you were extremely responsive to requests and in meeting our concerns.
Of equal importance to the above, we were extremely impressed with the speed with which the job was done. The work was extensive but yet knocked it out very quickly. We have had unfortunate experiences in which other contractors would take weeks for a job that should have been done within days. You’re very much appreciated -- at one point you stayed until almost midnight to meet the deadline.
I would be most pleased to enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone who might inquire. Thank you."

Janet Halbach

"As always great service and knowledge, we’ll always call you first when we have a problem. Many thanks once again!"

Jan Lewis

"I especially appreciate the efficiency of the work- nothing wasted - and the careful preparation and clean up. There is the intangible of trust: I absolutely felt I could trust your people to work in my home whether I was there or not. Lastly - the price was fair and a good value."

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