We offer a design-build option for those who are interested in "one stop shopping." Design/Build is a process by which an entire remodeling project - from the initial design concept to budgets, to permits, to regulations, to the actual construction and final walk through are organized and performed by a single entity, a single point of responsibility. We believe it offers many advantages, such as:

  • Professional designers and engineers
  • Cost control ¨C designing to a budget
  • Single-point responsibility ¨C no finger pointing
  • Interior design assistance (design and finishes)
  • Cost-competitive design / Time & materials philosophy
  • Harmony ¨C a team with a history of working well together

Our role is to offer options to our clients ¨C to educate them about the quality levels and associated prices that are available. We use the Time and Material (T & M) method of pricing ¨C a growing trend in the industry ¨C charging our costs plus a markup. Materials, subcontracts, and our labor billing rates are marked up a percentage to cover overhead and profit.

Overhead costs are day to day business expenses which are not directly attributable to particular jobs. Overhead includes, insurance, office expenses, rent, utilities, vehicles and other cost of business items. Profit is determined before taxes and company reinvestment expense. 

All invoices and timecards are available for inspection--all our cards are on the table. This allows us to share the decisions on materials and subcontractors with our clients ¨C for us to work together as a team.

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