Drainage Problems

Drainage Problems

drainage problems in OaklandWhen it comes to water problems with your foundation, water leakage is usually to blame. Water that collects near a foundation can make the soil heavy and expanded, which causes it to press on foundation walls and footings and create cracks. To avoid this situation, it’s imperative to fix any drainage issues near your home as soon as you notice them. Check for drainage issues in your gutters and downspouts, and ensure the soil near your foundation is graded properly and drains well.

We recommend having your downspouts empty no less than five to 10 feet away from your home. You should also check the grading near your home and ensure your yard slopes at least six inches within 10 feet of your property. Sloping soil will pull water away from your home, keeping it from ending up in your basement or harming the foundation.

One of the best solutions to fully rid yourself of leaking problems around your house is to have a French Drain. The installation process is relatively easy and non-intrusive. Even though a French Drain requires digging a tench, at Montclair Construction we keep the sod (soil and grass) intact and put it back in place after installing the drain. The grass can continue to grow even after it has been dug up and put back in place.

Once the drain is installed it will evenly distribute water throughout your yard. This system lasts for many years into the future. Some companies use low-grade landscape fabric as part of the installation that can cause clogging and will bring more problems. If this is done, you may need to repair your French Drain as early as after 2 years. Also, if no French Drain is installed at all, the excess water can get into the wrong places and could cause serious foundation problems. So, get the job done right and save yourself time and money.

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