Structural work focuses on the most important part of your property: the structure or backbone of your building. If this fails or has problems, your entire building is put in jeopardy and this can come with a big bill. If you get structural work done correctly on your home before major damage, you can avoid costly repairs in the future.

A building’s structure is one of the first parts built, so it is also one of the first things that is subject to decay and damage. If you have your house inspected early enough you could prevent long-term damage so that major projects will not be not needed, always look for early problem signs. At Montclair Construction we are always one call away, we have estimators that can meet with you and inspect your property for an thorough evaluation and estimate of any work needed.

We have been doing construction for over 30 years and have learned the most efficient methods of working on your home. For example there are many methods of repairing the foundations of your home, but we always analyze your home in-depth before deciding which of the methods to use. In same cases, slab foundations will be best, in other cases Pier and Beam Foundations will be best or in others you may not need foundation work at all. The problem is elsewhere. A thousand minute details go into determining this and we explain them to you if you’re curious enough to know more about your house.

Immediately at the first sign of structural problems, such as cracks in your house’s foundation or cracks around your door frames or windows, give us a call. Our Structural experts will look for the root cause of the failing foundation and can potentially help you avoid getting your house to the point of needing a large foundation repair. If you wait too long, it could cost you.

Call us at (510) 547-2457 for a structural services. We can meet with you at your property free of charge for an immediate inspection and free quote.
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