Signs that you may need foundation repair

cracking walls - Signs that you may need foundation repairFoundation problems can be some of the most troubling issues for any structure. If you have a problem with the foundation of your home, then it is important to get the problem addressed as soon as possible. A faulty foundation could compromise the structural integrity of the home itself and as the damage gets worse, the problem will become more complicated and more expensive to fix. With foundations problems being a very serious issue, it is important for homeowners in the Bay Area to know the signs that indicate a need for repair.

Sloping floors

Floors that are sloped or uneven are a sign that there could be a problem with the foundation. Generally, when the floors have started to become uneven, it means that the foundation has settled unevenly or part of it has sunk. This sloping can cause a variety of symptoms that homeowners may not even connect with a foundation problem and this could cause the homeowner to address these symptoms without even considering the fact that they could be signs of a greater problem.

Walls separating from house or foundation

If the foundation begins to sink or shift, it can cause walls to separate from the foundation or from each other. This is generally cause by soil that has started to compact or shrink due to various environmental conditions. When the walls begin to separate in places, it can lead to some serious structural issues, with the worst possible result being a partial or complete collapse of the wall.

Doors and windows that stick

A problem with the foundation can also cause the doors and windows of a home to have problems with opening and shutting properly. It may even cause some of the windows or doors to become uneven. Additionally, you may start to notice that the framing or molding around some of the windows and doors are starting to crack and separate. If you see any of these signs, it could indicate the need to have the home looked at by a professional.

Cracks in walls or foundation

If you start to see cracks in different parts of the structure or in the foundation, it could be a sign of serious trouble. You may notice cracks in brickwork on the exterior or interior of the home, cracks in concrete walls, cracks in tiles or drywall or cracks in the slab. For the average person, it can be hard to analyze the cracks to tell whether they are signs of a foundation problem and it is recommended that you get an expert to perform a full inspection of the foundation.

Separation of components

When you start to see parts of the home separating from each other, this could be another sign of a problem. If you have something like a garage, an addition or a chimney and you start to see it separate from the main structure, this could be an indication of a need for repair.
Foundation repair can be a complicated issue and it requires the skills of a professional to address the problem properly. If you suspect that your foundation is in need of repair, then it is important that you get the home examined by a professional as soon as possible. With Montclair Construction, you get a team that can employ a range of foundation repair solutions. Call our offices today to learn more about foundation problems or to schedule an inspection. We can repair your foundation and protect the value of your home.

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