Walker Zanger Shabui stone for walls

Are you redesigning your bathroom and kitchen walls with tiles? Try a new pattern of mosaic or boarder tiles so that your house might look like a Gregorian shrine or an Islamic mausoleum. With new designs and patterns in the tiles you have a lot to choose from. You can give an all new artistic look to the different rooms of your house because the tiles are very elegant in its final and finished appearance as well as it is one of the most economical ways that you could turn your house into a spectacle.

Taking from the eastern tradition of simplicity in design, Shabui brings beauty and serenity to your house. Made of tumbled slate and glass, the rich collection of field tiles and borders is available in a variety of shapes and subtle geometric patterns that you are sure to love.

If you are looking for a contractor in the San Francisco bay area to install your Walker Zanger Shabui stone, be sure to contact Montclair Construction. If you have any questions or want an estimate don’t hesitate to contact us.

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