Is Your Home In Need of Foundation Repair?

wal cracking foundations problemsHave you noticed anything strange about your home lately? Are your windows or doors hard to open or close? Does it just feel like things are just a bit “off”? If you place a ball on the floor will it roll directly to one end of the room? These are all clues that your foundation may need an inspection and repair. Foundation repair  or upgrade is often needed on older houses.

When a home is built the foundation is the first thing constructed because it is the lowest load-bearing part of your home. This means that whatever type of soil and rock is underneath the foundation will help to keep your home stable, level and sturdy where it stands. As the foundation settles it may cause damage to the structure as it sinks into the ground unevenly. For example if one half of your home is on sandy soil while the other is on a layer of heavy rock, one side may drop lower than the other over time. There are several clues that your home may be in need of foundation work.

Signs Inside the Home

Many of the signs of a failing foundation can be found by simply walking through your home. If you see small cracks near the corners of rooms, cracks in brick fireplaces, windows and doors that appear crooked or don’t fit in their frames properly anymore there is a good chance that you have a foundation problem. Uneven floors and buckling walls are another sign that it’s time to have a foundation inspection performed.

Signs Outside the Home

There are also clues outside your home that will help you determine foundation problems. Outer doors and windows may have cracks in the frame and separating caulk could indicate a problem with the foundation. Cement is usually a good indicator of the stability of your foundation. If the cement that makes up the base of your house begins chipping and cracking it’s almost a sure sign that your foundation is settling unevenly. New slopes or cracks in the ground around your home may also indicate shifting and instability of your foundation.

So, what do you do when your foundation is moving and causing your home to fall apart before your eyes? Tear it down and start over? No, luckily there are professional foundation inspections and repair services to help you remedy the problem quickly.

Montclair Construction can perform foundation inspections, and take care of underpinning and stabilizing the foundation of your home before more damage occurs.

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