If you think is expensive to hire a professional contractor in California

If you think its expensive to hire a professional contractor in California, wait until you hire an amateur contractor inspecting, house on the hill side.

There is a need in construction and engineering for specialists with skills necessary to solve a wide range of problems, Such as Sinking and sliding Foundation on the hillside, Failing retaining walls and Drainage problems/Water intrusion and hillside Landslide problems in Today’s Expensive Real estates Market, Many times the realtors wish not to hire a proper engineer to inspect the foundation problems with the fear that it will break the deal. Quality must be the way we think about everything we do. Companies have to make a project according to Industry Standard or other National procedures.

The quality of the end of the project reflects the quality of the processes which interact to produce it. The key to each process is people (their training, their attitude and their commitment). The choice of quality reduces cost by increasing productivity and minimizing rework. On Quality construction this means doing things correctly the first time at every stage of the project.

Montclair Construction and supervising engineers must build what is required, from Customers. As employer we must pay on time. The cost of errors includes delays, rework, accidents etc. The cost of prevention includes training, planning and supervision. Training is a life time procedure and we have to remember that nothing overrides experience. Quality, productivity and safety are inseparable.

There is a systematic undervaluation in companies nowadays of how much difference it can make when people are well educated and their skills are continuously developed and challenged. Establishing what customers really want and what exactly they wish to buy. So every time that I hear or read about “shortage of good engineers and good contractors”, I always remember the famous said: “Pay them, and they will come”.

If customers need their projects on time, on budget and on specifications they have to hire good Contractor/Engineers. And every time that I hear or read that “a good Contractor/Engineer is expensive”, I always remember the famous said: “If you think is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”.

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