Foundation Repair and Releveling of California Home


Perform excavation to allow for the installation of the concrete haunches adjacent to the existing foundation to stabilize the original foundation, and allow for a jacking pad for the releveling of the structure. Install all required reinforcing steel Rebar, epoxy doweled into theexisting foundation, pour concrete.


Remove stucco at foundation line, across the right side, across the front, and down the left-hand side between all of the locations where the concrete haunches have been installed to allow for the releveling of this area.
Re level floor to within 1 1/2 inches of level. Install new framing between foundation sill and double plate below floor joist line. Replace any centerline support framing as needed. Install new vapor barrier at exterior wall, where stucco has been removed. Install new stucco wire and re-stucco, matching existing stucco texture on house as is possible. Apply primer coat to repaired area of wall.


Install 5/8″ diameter anchor bolts at 4 feet on center throughout the perimeter foundation of home.
Install 24 Simpson HD2A brackets, epoxy bolted to the existing foundation and through bolted to the adjacent cripple wall framing.
Install half-inch thick plywood shear wall, over 60% of each length of wall within the basement crawlspace area of home. Nail plywood as per California building code requirements.


Excavate the adjacent to the left, right and front side foundation, the depth of the foundation footing to allow for the installation of a French drain system.
Install a perforated drain line wrapped with fabric filter and backfilled over with drainage rock, connecting to a solid termination line, which will extend to the street curbside. Install a secondary solid drain line connecting to the roof downspouts where excavation has been performed, also connecting to the termination line described above.

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