Consider Green Home Upgrades

When it comes to home improvements and upgrades, you have a lot of options. If you are looking to get the most back in return for your investment in a home upgrade, then going green is something that you should seriously consider.

When you go with upgrades that make the home more eco-friendly, you are choosing upgrades that can improve the value of the home, reduce your utility bills and these upgrades are great because they reduce the environmental footprint of your home. For homeowners in the Oakland and San Francisco area, there are plenty of green home upgrades that offer a significant value.


When you compare the appliances that are made today with the ones from 10-20 years ago, you see a significant difference in efficiency. This goes for everything from the units that you may use on the countertop to larger appliances like your refrigerator and your washing machine. By replacing these appliances with newer models that are designed for better efficiency, you can reduce your consumption of electricity and water.

Bathroom Fixtures

Another point to look at is the fixtures in your bathrooms. If you have older showerheads and toilets, then it is time to consider an upgrade. Just by replacing the toilets and the showers in your home, you could cut your yearly water bill by a significant amount, and by taking this step to save water, you will reduce the burden that your home puts on the water supply.

Windows and Doors

When it comes to wasted energy, there are few things that have as big of an impact as the process of heating and cooling a home. With many homes, one of the biggest problems concerning a lack of efficiency is the fact that the windows and doors do a poor job of keeping heat from getting in or out of the home. In some cases, you might just need repairs to eliminate leaks, but in others, you could experience some big savings by upgrading to newer windows and doors.

Sustainable Remodeling and Renovation

If you are considering a remodel or home renovation, there are many ways that you can make the home more eco-friendly in the process, and with work already going on, it provides the perfect chance to make these upgrades.

If you are doing something like a kitchen or bathroom remodel, then you are certainly going to want to consider things like more efficient appliances and fixtures, but there is more that you can do. For a remodel that is truly eco-friendly, you also want to consider the building materials that are used. In selecting materials for a remodel, you have sustainable options for things like countertops, floors, cabinets and more. Before you hire a construction firm, you may want to ask them about their experience with sustainable building.

Upgrades with Tax Incentives

Another great point about building a more environmentally friendly home is that many of the upgrades can qualify for tax incentives. One example is the residential energy credit from the IRS. With this program, upgrades like new air conditioners, water heaters, windows and upgrades to insulation can provide the homeowner with a tax break. Of course, the upgrades do have to meet certain standards to qualify, so you do want to make sure to follow the guidelines.

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