Slate Patio Repair


Remove the existing slate from the entrance porch, perform an inspection of the existing waterproof membrane below this area to determine if replacement is required. Also inspect the flashing at adjacent exterior wall, to determine if repairs are required at this area.
Install new 16″ x 16″ slate, diagonally over entrance porch to replace that which has previously been removed. The new slate surface will be installed in such a way to allow for 1% slope toward the left end of porch. Grout between slate [with customers choice of grout color and apply finish seal coat over entire entrance porch.


Water blast clean the surface of the entrance stairs leading from the street down to the front entrance porch and the rear balcony, located off the dining room and the second balcony off of the living room.
Apply clear seal coat to both balconies which have been water blasted clean and the front entrance stairs.

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