Foundation Underpinning and Drainage System


Remove the existing brick walkway adjacent to the rear wall foundation of house. Excavate as required to allow for the installation of 11 helical piers and 4 tie-back piers. Each helical pier will be installed to a depth of 14 feet below grade or until refusal. Install 4 additional helical tie-back piers to a depth of 14 feet below grade or until refusal. 

Install all required reinforcing steel rebar, epoxy doweled into the existing foundation, install all forms and pour the new concrete haunches, concrete sister beam foundation and replacement concrete walkway.


Excavate adjacent to the front foundation, starting at the left corner of the entrance walkway extending around the left-hand side of house, continuing to the rear left corner of home. This excavation is to extend to a depth of approximately 4 feet below grade to a maximum depth not to exceed the depth of the foundation footing. 

Install a waterproof drain panel adjacent to the exterior face of the foundation wall to prevent migration of water beyond the foundation system. 

Install a perforated drain line wrapped with fabric filter and backfilled with drainage rock, extending across the front side and down the left-hand side. Connect new drain into the existing solid termination line within the rear yard area of home. 

Install a secondary solid drain line extending from the front left corner of the entrance porch connecting to the existing downspouts at that location, and across the left-hand side, also connecting into the existing termination line


Install temporary shoring adjacent to the left-hand side of house within the basement to allow for the replacement of an additional foundation at this location. Perform excavation as required and remove the existing foundation at that location. 

Install all required reinforcing steel Rebar and forms and pour the new concrete foundation to replace that which has previously been removed, install new pressure treated foundation still, repair stucco of exterior wall at foundation line.

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