Foundation Underpinning and Concrete Grade Beam With Option


Remove the existing stairs along the right side of house to allow for the installation of concrete piers, and grade beam. 

Perform excavation at (14) locations surrounding the perimeter foundation, starting at the left side beneath the entry porch, extending down the left side, across the rear, and back up the right side as shown of the attached floor height survey may in color (yellow). The excavation will consist of 18” diameter pier holes, 15’ in depth of until rock is penetrated. 

Perform additional excavation along the perimeter foundation between all piers excavations to allow for the construction of a concrete grade beam to connect the piers together to the existing foundation. 

Install all required reinforcing steel for each pier, all concrete haunches at the top of each pier, and the concrete grade beam. Install all forms and pour the new piers, haunches, and concrete grade beam. 

Perform additional excavation along the right, left and rear side of house to install a French drain system, consisting of a perforated drain line, wrapped with fabric filter and back-filled over with drain rock. 

Construct a new stairway adjacent to the right side of house, all pressure treated framing, with composite trek stair treads. The existing landings will remain. 

Install all required reinforcing steel for a new concrete grade beam walkway adjacent to the rear foundation 4’-0” in width, form and pour the new walkway, trowel and broom finish. 


Perform excavation as required to allow for the installation of (4) helical piers, concrete haunches, & 40 ‘ of concrete grade beam, haul away excavated dirt from site. 

Install all helical piers to a depth of 14’ below grade or until refusal#10. Install all required reinforcing steel rebar, epoxy doweled into the center line foundation, extending through the shaft of all helical piers. Pour the new concrete haunches and concrete grade beam. 

Install a new exterior access door on the right had side of house to allow access to the crawl space area of home, includes all required framing, solid core door and jamb. 

Repair entry doorway and interior bedroom doorway for proper operation. 


Remove the existing railing and retaining wall across the property line.

Excavate (4) 12” diameter, 48” deep pier holes across edge of property, Install 6”x 6” pressure treated posts into concrete piers, extending 38” above grade. Connect 3”x 12” pressure treated horizontally across base of posts. Total length of retaining wall, 14’-6”. 

Construct a new Redwood picket railing between posts with 2”x 8” redwood cap, 42” finish height. 

Remove the existing planter & construct new planters using all pressure treated materials.


Remove the existing entry stairs leading from the street down to the entry deck, including the adjacent retaining walls on both sides, and the retaining wall to the left, at the bottom of the stairway. Perform excavation as required for new pressure treated support posts spaced at 4’-0” maximum. Haul away all debris. #18. Install new 4”x 4” posts, 48” inches deep, along both sides of stairway, and 6” x 6” posts, 6’-0” deep, along the front retaining wall. Install 2”x 12” pressure treated framing between posts to reconstruct the previously removed retaining walls. 

Install (3) new 3”x 12” pressure treated stair stringers, and 2”x 12” redwood stair treads and 2”x 8” redwood risers. 

Install grip-rail along the right hand side of stairway per California Building code. 

Remove the existing wood stairs & construct a new stairway, consisting of railroad tie framing, with crushed granite, compacted between. 

Remove the existing 10’ wood retaining wall across the rear yard of house, Construct a new 30’ long pressure treated retaining wall, maximum height of 24”

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