Foundation Retro-Fit for Earthquake Protection

Typical Berkeley/Oakland FOUNDATION RETRO-FIT

Install 5/8″ diameter, anchor bolts epoxied into the foundation around the perimeter at 4′- 0″ on center spacing
Install, 16 HD2A Simpson, hold down brackets, two at each end of each corner, epoxy bolted to the foundation and through bolted into the adjacent cripple wall framing.

Install half-inch thick, five ply structural plywood shear wall, 16 feet from each corner of the left and right side, and 8 feet from each corner from the front and rear. This will include the installation of blocking as required over the existing foundation sill to allow for full perimeter nailing of the plywood shear wall. Drill 2 inch diameter holes between each set of cripple wall framing to allow for ventilation behind the plywood shear wall.
Install Simpson post to beam and post to pier brackets at all locations not previously strapped.

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