City of San Francisco Requires Building Permit for Side walk Repairs.

Here are the steps required to do a Side walk Repair Job in city of San Francisco:

Step 1: Get a permit.

Step 2: Barricade the perimeter of the area of repair, and divert foot traffic safely.

Step 3: Saw cut and Remove the concrete section from joint to joint.

Step 4: Dowel into the the existing concrete about 6″ to 10″ inches. The size of the re-bar should be #3. the city may have some additional requirements check with your inspector.

Step 5: Now the section should be ready for the concrete re-installed. The city will want to come around and do an inspection before the pour. After your inspection, then one should be all clear to install.

Step 6: Be sure to clarify the color requirement for the concrete, add the correct amount of the Right color per yard to quire matched finish.

Step 7: A good concrete finisher will be needed to finish the concrete to a nice and appropriated finish matching the rest of the side walk.

Step 8: Be sure the cats and dogs don’t mark your newly poured cement!Click here to enlarge

Step 9: Get your final inspection.

Step 10: Clean up and remove your Barricades.

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