Wrought Iron Hand Railings

Safety improvements such as installing a new wrought iron hand railing in place of a deteriorated hand rail, or as a new addition, can provide a sense of security & style to you and your family’s home. Wrought iron conjures images of a blacksmith working over a hot coal forge hammering red hot metal into entrancing shapes. Certainly those days are long gone, but there are still blacksmiths who specialize in creating artistic masterpieces using a minimum of tools, a fire, and a hammer. Today you can buy most any design you can dream up in your imagination and it can be made with modern methods and machinery but the lure and aesthetic of owning a piece of hand-worked artistry is one reason Wrought Iron is an attractive option.


If you are looking for a contractor in the San Francisco bay area to install your Wrought Iron Hand Railing systems the right way, be sure to contact Montclair Construction. If you have any questions or want an estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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