Typical Condominium Conversion


Install a new front wrought iron fence with automatic electric gate opener. Provide 4 remote openers for owners.

Remove the existing asphalt driveway slab from the property. Excavate as required to allow for proper clearance from exterior weep screed to finish grade height of 4 inches.

Excavate as required to allow for the installation of a new perimeter drainage system as shown in plan provided by customer at time of estimate appointment, this includes perimeter French drain and secondary solid drain connected to all roof down spouts and the three surface drains within driveway. Install drainage system as described above, with all drains terminating into a catch drain basin, adjacent to the front of property with a termination line extending to the street curbside. Special note: possible height restrictions may require the installation of a sump pump at this catch drain basin to be determined after the grading of the lot has been completed.
Install all required Rebar and forms, and pour the new entrance driveway and parking spaces for four vehicles as discuss, the finish of the concrete will have a color coat with broom finish surface.

Remove all stucco from the left side of building, all areas adjacent to front & rear balconies, and around windows to allow for the repairs of the sheathing below and replacement of stucco at these areas. Remove the entrance porch and stairs from structure, including front & rear balconies. Remove all windows and doors from each unit. Remove the existing roofing down to the existing sheathing to allow for full exposure of any potential dry rot at this area. Special note: all existing interior wall and ceiling Sheetrock is to be removed prior to the commencement of the above described work. Any dryrot damage found during roof exposure will become an additional cost to be determined.

Replace the existing electrical service with a new service with 5 meters. Ground and Bond per code. Install a breaker panel on the outside of the building and run all existing and new common area lines to it. Run new sub-lines and install new sub-panels in each unit. Replace all existing electrical outlets and switches in four units, reuse existing wiring if possible. Install new lines for dishwasher and disposal, counter top and 120 volt for laundry to kitchen area. Install two new outlets in kitchens to match code counter-top requirements. Hardwired three smoke detectors per unit. Install ARC fault breakers for bedroom outlets. Run new phone in TV lines to units with home runs to utility.

Install all required sound walls, insulation and Sheetrock to comply with title 24 requirements. Apply mud & tape to all seams and corner joints, apply surface coat. Completely re-stucco left side wall, front & rear corners, around windows, sliding doors. Apply complete surround dash finish coating on all 4 sides, from ground to roof line.

Install all-new bath and kitchen counters, cabinets, fixtures and appliances for each unit. Install all bathroom prefab shower units, toilets, mirrors, light fixtures, tile flooring in kitchen and bath and entry location for each unit. Install new 40 gallon hot water heaters for each unit. Install new washer / dryer and bi-fold louver doors and partition walls within the kitchen location, Includes the installation of all new hot and cold water lines and drains as required for installation of the above.

Install all-new windows and doors for each unit, all interior doors will be 6 paneled, all exterior doors will be solid core. All windows will be low E rated, dual pane white vinyl.

Install new carpeting for each unit within living room, bedrooms and hallway locations.

Install new plywood sheeting over the existing wood sheathing of the roof of structure, Install 30lb. roofing felt and 30 year rated fiberglass composition shingles. Install new perimeter gutters and downspouts, per-painted white, all downspouts are to be connect into the new drainage system described above.

Construct new entrance porch and stairs using all pressure treated lumber for the framing, redwood for the railing and privacy fences and composite decking for the stair treads and porches.

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