The benefits that come with a home addition

MontclairConstruction houses aditionYou probably love the home that you live in, but for one reason or another, it may not be meeting all of your needs or the needs of your family. Your family might have grown or it could be in the process of growing and you need more space. It may no longer fit all of the practical requirements that your lifestyle demands. There is also the possibility that there were certain things that you wanted from the home when you bought, but you just didn’t have the money to realize those goals at the time.

For many people, the answer to these issues will be moving to a different home. However, that is not always the best answer and in many cases, going for an addition will be much more practical. Additionally, many people just don’t want to leave a house where they already created so many memories and a neighborhood where they already feel like they have a place in the community.

When you talk about the benefits of an addition, the most obvious benefit is the added space. For this reason, additions tend to be popular among growing families. You can add bedrooms to accommodate the latest and future additions to the family, you can add a bathroom to make the mornings a little easier and you can add general space to give everybody a little bit more room in day-to-day life.

Other benefits include the practical concerns that people may have. You might have a business or career that would make having a home office beneficial. Or you might have a hobby that would be much better if you had a workshop. With the current space of the home, getting these things might require some sacrifices or there just might not be the room for it all. When you build an addition, you can add this kind of practical space with no problem.

Along with that, you can consider features that you always wanted in your home. A new addition to the home could give you a chance to upgrade your simple master bedroom to a master suite. You could design a serious entertainment space that far exceeds the capabilities of your current living room. You can add things like a home gym, a study, a sunroom and the list really just goes on.

It also gives the opportunity to remake the entire home. You could organize it as a two-stage process where once the addition is finished, you can start work a remodel to some of the existing parts of the home. Of course, you have the ability to remodel the home without the addition, but the homeowner will have more options when the two are planned together. Remodeling ideas that may have been out of the question with the existing floor plan may become possible when you consider them in the context of working them in with an addition.

As a final benefit to getting an addition, you have to mention the value that it adds to the home. When an addition is done well, it should increase the value of the property. Years down the road when you may want to sell, potential buyers will see things like more bedrooms, more bathrooms and added luxury and convenience features as real benefits to buying your home.

While an addition can be a great way to improve upon the home and add value, the job needs to be done right and the process needs to be thoughtful and well planned. If you are considering an addition to the home, Montclair Construction wants to help you realize these dreams. Contact us today for all of your remodel and home addition needs in the San Francisco area.

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