The Benefit of Energy Efficient Home Improvement Projects

energy green remodelingAny remodel or home improvement project is going to have a lot to offer the homeowner. However, most people only approach the project from the aspect of the functional benefits or the improvement in the way that the end-result will look. While these are important considerations for any remodel or home improvement job, it could lead to a missed opportunity when it comes to making the home more energy efficient.

With a lot of home improvement projects, the homeowner will also have a chance to increase the energy efficiency of the home and this could save them money in the long run. In many cases, the extra consideration to go more energy efficient will add little to no cost to the project, so these are factors that you will definitely want to consider.

As an example, if you are getting your kitchen remodeled, it can provide a great opportunity for a range of different energy efficient upgrades. When you select the new appliances, check the energy ratings and select models that will provide the best performance. If you are getting a new dishwasher, get one that is energy and water efficient. You may also want to take a look at a variety of different efficient lighting options. All of these little steps can add up to a significant increase in your homes’ energy efficiency.

If the project is a little broader in scope, then the homeowner may also want to look at their windows and doors. Old or poorly installed windows and doors can make a serious impact when it comes to maintaining an energy efficient home. Additionally, you may also want to consider things like the insulation in the home, how well the structure is sealed or whether you have the most energy efficient roof or siding.

Things like your air conditioner or hot water heater may also be much less efficient than they could be. If you have a central air unit that is more than 20-years old, then there is a good chance that a newer model will provide the home with considerable energy savings.

When you remodel your home or have any major improvement done, thinking about energy efficiency makes sense from a practical standpoint. When there is already work being done on the home, it will be more cost efficient than doing the jobs separately and the increase in efficiency will save the homeowner money over time. When you contract to have these jobs done, talk to the construction company about different ways in which the home can be made more efficient through the process of the renovation. It will be good for your long-term finances, it can add value to the home and it will help the homeowner to do their part to conserve resources and protect the environment.

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