Summer Home Improvement Projects

As the summer approaches, many homeowners will start to think about doing some home improvements and upgrades. The nice weather and the longer days make this a good time of year to plan these projects. Depending on the home and the circumstances of the owner, there are plenty of options for summertime home improvement projects. Some are large scale and may require the assistance of professional contractors and others may be a little simpler and can be done in your spare time.


A homeowner has a lot of options for window projects when it comes to improving or upgrading the home. For some, it might just be a touch-up; going around and applying new caulk and maybe adding a fresh coat of paint. However, if your windows are old, inefficient or damaged, then it could be a good idea to get them repaired or replaced.

For some homes, it might be possible to add new windows where there were none before. This could add to the natural light in the home or improve the airflow to keep things cool in the summer. As another option, some homeowners might want to add a skylight as a way to enhance the natural lighting of the home.

New Siding or Paint

You can really improve the look of a home by repainting the exterior or by replacing the old siding. The paint and siding of a home will do more than change the look of your home, but it will also protect the structure against the elements. In addition to that, both of these projects can increase and protect the value of the home.

If your home has a brick exterior, there may also be the need to repair the brick. Over time, the bricks can get damaged or cracked. With a professional contractor, these issues can be addressed and your home will look much better once the job is done.


An upgrade to the landscaping can do a lot for the way a house looks from the outside. Of course, you are going to keep up on the basics, like trimming the grass, but there are several landscaping projects that can really transform a yard. You can add flowering plants for color, different trees for shade, make a sitting area with different plants, add exterior lights and more.

Along with landscaping, you can also enhance your outdoor space in other ways. You could consider adding a deck or upgrading a deck that you already have. You could add a patio or make a customized space for outdoor dining or cooking.


Another project to consider for the summer is roof repairs. In essence, the roof is the most important feature of the home when it comes to weatherproofing and insulating. When the roof gets old, it is time to consider things like replacement and repairs. For some homes, it might be as simple as fixing some leaks or replacing tiles or shingles, but for others, the entire roof may need to be replaced. If your home is old and the roof has not been worked on or inspected in many years, it might be a good idea to call a professional to come out and inspect for damage.

As a point to consider when thinking about the roof, you may also want to make sure to get your gutters and downspouts inspected. If the gutters are old or damaged, then they might not be doing the job that they are there to do. Leaky or damaged gutters can result in water damage to the home or its foundation, so keeping them in good shape is in your best interest.

The summer opens a nice array of opportunities for making improvements to the home. While some of these jobs might be possible without the assistance of a contractor, many of them will be better left to the professionals. If you are considering a summer home improvement and want to make sure that is done right and at a fair price, contact the team at Montclair Construction. We have been serving the home improvement needs of homeowners in the San Francisco and Oakland area for more than thirty years and we take pride in our ability provide the best results.

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