Staircase Banister Ideas

Staircase banisters can make a guest’s opinion of your home go from blah to fabulous. Many times when a staircase is the focal point of the foyer or main hallway, it is usually the first thing a guest sees when they enter your home. By simply adding a new banister, you can make your old, tired staircase look like a masterpiece.

Staircase Banisters are available in many styles, from simple to elaborate. Wooden banisters are a staple of American design and architecture. Banisters can also be made from metal; a good example of where metal banisters were commonly used is in a Victorian home, as many Victorian homes made use of metal banisters. For smaller homes, try a simple style, like the banisters found in older Craftsman homes. For larger houses with grand foyers, choose a banister to match the elegant feel of the area.


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