Planning a Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodeling OaklandThe kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. For many people, this is where they start their day at breakfast, and it is where you prepare meals for your family. In most homes, it is a high-traffic space that sees a lot of action.

A kitchen remodel can do a lot for a home and the people that live there. You can take an old kitchen that might be less than impressive, and reinvent this is space in a number of different ways. However, in planning a kitchen remodel, you have a lot of points that you will need to consider. As a construction company that has years of experience working on kitchen remodels in Oakland, we have found that these are some of the points that can make the biggest difference.


Different people and families use their kitchens in different ways. When you are planning a kitchen remodel, one of the first things to consider is the different ways that you and your family use the kitchen. Do you prepare fresh meals regularly? Is your kitchen a space where more than one person may be working at the same time? Do you plan to eat or entertain in your kitchen? If you want your kitchen to serve you well, it is important to design the layout with function in mind.

Personal Style

Beyond being a functional space, a kitchen is often a room where the homeowner wants the design to reflect their personal taste. In this, you have a lot of options that can affect the style of the room. You can choose different types of flooring, a wide range of cabinet designs, countertops and you also need to consider the finish for appliances like the refrigerator and the range. If it is done well, you can get all of these different style choices to complement each other in a way that really makes for a good-looking room. However, with so many different points, it can be one of the hardest parts of planning a kitchen remodel.


Choosing the right materials can also make a big difference. When you consider floors, it will be a combination of a style choice and a quality choice because you will need to choose between wood and tile. You will also need to choose the material for things like countertops and cabinets. Beyond just selecting materials that you think look good and ones that will fit well with your overall design scheme, you want to make sure to go for quality. A kitchen remodel might be a relatively small construction project, but it still costs a considerable amount of money. Pick materials that will last and consider how well they will hold up under the conditions that they will be subjected to in the kitchen.


As a part of your kitchen remodel planning, you will also want to put some serious consideration to the types of appliances that you pick. In selecting your appliances, you want to do more than just pick the ones that you think will look great, you also want to consider performance and efficiency. If you are a person that likes to cook, you might want to put careful consideration into selecting a range and a stove.

Remodeling a kitchen also offers a good opportunity to go green. With appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers, you can save a significant amount of electricity by shopping for the most efficient models. With the newer machines, you can get great efficiency without having to compromise of performance or functionality.


When you look at a lot of older kitchens, one of the biggest complaints is poor lighting. For many people, it can make the kitchen a less than ideal space to work. In your kitchen remodel, you will want to make sure that you provide enough light to all of the spaces where it is needed. If you have a breakfast nook or an island, these spaces should have their own lights. You also want to look at the various workstations around the kitchen and consider ways that you can provide them with light. You could also consider something like under cabinet lights for illuminating the countertops.

Montclair Construction is a construction company that can help you to realize the kitchen of your dreams. We can walk you through the design stage to ensure that you get all of the features and design elements that you want, and then we can get to work to make it happen. For construction and remodeling in San Francisco and Oakland, contact the team from Montclair Construction today.

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