Oakland Seismic Retrofit and Foundation Drainage System

Excavate the front crawl space area to allow for 6 inches clearance between perimeter foundation and adjacent grade. Haul away excavated dirt from site.

Excavate within the same crawl space area to a depth of 36 inches below grade to allow the installation of a catch drain basin and sump pump. Install a termination line which will extend through the front wall, terminating into the flower box adjacent to the front side of house. Connect to the existing electrical system on house on a dedicated circuit.

Install 6 anchor bolts, and 4 Simpson HD2A, hold down brackets, bolted to the foundation and through bolted to the adjacent wall framing. Install 12 feet of shear wall at the front right crawlspace.

Install 4 anchor bolts, 2 HD2A hold down brackets, and 6 feet of shear wall at rear wall.

Install 8 Simpson foundation to joist brackets and 14 feet of shear wall at the crawlspace.

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