Drywall Repair

You might think that the drywall material is tough but it can only withstand limited abuse. A chair or door slammed into your wall with too much force can produce a pretty good sized hole or deep scratch. Your kids could throw a toy into the wall to hard and dent it. This kind of damage looks bad and can seem like you could probably fix it yourself with one of those drywall repair kits at your local hardware store.

I have seen many do-it-yourselfers attempt repairing simple holes, deep scratches and dents, etc. They soon find out it’s not as easy as it looks and they make a big mess and the finished repair is easily spotted by a big mound of drywall compound. This is usually because they put to much compound over the damaged area and then either didn’t sand it enough correctly or gave up after trying to sand it down for a few minutes.


There are certain techniques involved in repairing drywall correctly or the repair will just crack and fall out not to mention the different joint compounds with a variety of thickness and drying times, you need to choose the right materials for the right job. Why guess and attempt something you never did before when chances are the finished result will not be up to par. Contact Montclair Construction and we will come out and fix it professionally and you wont have to worry if it is repaired right.

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