Metal railings in Berkeley

Today there are all kinds of beautiful designs of metal railings available from ornamental fabricators for home owners who want to add their own personalization to home decor. Most of the time where safety is a concern a metal railing is a good choice for example around a pool area or any place that some could fall off something they shouldn’t. All they usually take are a few bolts for installation you have a strong product that will last for years. The advantages of the many different designs and the availability of the different metals and finishes are cost and the convenience of having them made off site. If you’re looking for a railing system, whether it is to replace an existing setup or you are starting out with something new give Montclair Construction a call!


If you are looking for a contractor in the San Francisco bay area to design and build your metal railings, be sure to contact Montclair Construction. If you have any questions or want an estimate don’t hesitate to contact us.

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