Home Improvements that offer a good value

Living room remodelingWhen it comes to getting improvements done to your home, there are several things to consider. For some, luxury improvements might be worthwhile because they plan to stay in the house for a long time and they really like the idea of the benefits that come with the given improvement. However, most of the luxury improvements tend to offer the lowest return in investment when the home is sold. If you think that you may be moving in a few years, some of these ideas may not be practical.

If selling the home in the next few years is a distinct possibility, then you want to look for improvements that offer a good return on investment and increase the value of the property. For the most part, when you are considering home improvement projects, the greatest value comes from those that are more practical or improvements that enhance the appearance of the home. The following includes a few of the improvements that offer the best value for homeowners in San Francisco.

kitchen remodelingRoom Remodels

The remodeling of rooms in the home is one of the better investments for your home improvement dollars. This is especially true when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms. If you might be selling the home within a few years, a nice new kitchen can go a long way toward helping the home sell and it is one of the projects that will offer the best return on investment.

If you plan to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, then there are points that you need to consider. With each, you have the option of just improving the appearance and doing a sort of touchup remodel or you could go all the way and replace the cabinetry, appliances and fixtures, tile and more. The simple touchup remodel does require a lower investment and it usually offers a better percentage return on the money investment, but the more comprehensive remodel will usually do more to help the house sell and provide a better total dollar increase in the value of the home.

Patio Door remodelingDoors & Windows

New doors and windows can do a lot to increase the value of the home and this home improvement is something where you can experience the benefits before selling the home. New windows and doors will improve the energy efficiency of the home and they can also improve the look. With new windows, you can save money on your heating and cooling and it can be a good selling point if you put the home on the market.

As an additional point, replacing the front door can be a good value upgrade. In addition to providing the opportunity to get a door that is more energy efficient, you can get a door that is more attractive. When a buyer comes to look at a house, one of the first things that they encounter is the front door. With a nice new front door, you can help your home to make a better impression.

Patios remodeingDecks & Landscaping

Making the outdoor spaces on the property more functional and attractive can add some real value to a home. Many people love the idea of having nice relaxing spaces where they can spend their time at home and new homebuyers are always impressed by well maintained landscaping. Additionally, a deck and some nice landscaping features are upgrades that you can enjoy before the home is sold.

A nice backyard deck with attractive landscaping can be a good selling point for a home, but attractive front yard landscaping is a great value. As with the front door, the landscaping in the front of the home is part of the first impression that your home makes. If your home makes a poor impression when a person pulls up out front, then they are less likely to be interested in any of the upgrades that have been done to the rest of the home.

Basement Remodeling IdeasFinished Basement

Converting your basement to finished living space offers the homeowner a great value. Compared to an addition, it is a much more affordable way to add usable space to the home. A homeowner can repurpose the basement space and use it for a wide range of purposes and it will not only benefit your family by adding more living space while you live there, but it is an upgrade that can add value to the selling price.

Depending on the basement, the space could be very versatile and with the services of a skilled contractor, you will have a lot of possibilities.

Most homeowners have various ideas about what they would like to do to improve their home. Some of these might be strictly practical upgrades and others might be for the purposes of luxury and comfort. Now, if you are planning to stay in the home for many years, then the value of the upgrade is less of a concern, but for those who may need to leave their current home, the return that they can expect is something that needs to be considered.

Montclair Construction has decades of experience with building homes and performing all manner of home improvements for the residents of the San Francisco and Oakland area. If you are considering a home improvement project, we can draw on our experience and expertise to help plan a project that will not only fulfill your vision, but also provide the best return on the investment.

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