Home Improvement Ideas for the Holidays

holiday home improvement ideas

As the holidays approach, you may want to consider a home improvement project as your holiday gift for the home. Everybody can enjoy improvements that make the house more practical and attractive and many of these can add value to the home. For some of these ideas, it might be possible for you to complete the job on your own, but if not, you can always hire a contractor. Check out a few of these holiday home improvement ideas.


With a good contractor, you have a ton of great options for remodeling different rooms in the house. You could get a complete remodel of one of your bathrooms or you could have a complete overhaul of the kitchen. These are spaces that can be made more practical and better looking when you hire a contractor for the remodel job. Think about all of the different features that you have always wanted in your bathroom or kitchen and talk to a contractor about the possibilities.
For the parents of the home, a great gift that they can give to themselves is a remodeled master bathroom. With nice new tile and upgraded fixtures, you can turn it into a whole new space.


Another good option for a holiday home improvement is to have a fireplace installed. You get nice warmth from the fire and it can also help to improve the feel of a room. With the modern fireplace technology, a unit can be placed almost anywhere in the home and you have a variety of different styles and designs that you can choose from. Along with being something that will look good in your home, a fireplace is a home improvement that is especially well suited for the holiday season.

Upgrade Lighting

The lighting in a home can make a major difference in regard to the look and the feel of the environment. Poor lighting is not only bad on the practical end, but it makes things look kind of flat and drab. With improved lighting, occupants will be able to see better and it will make the living spaces look better. Beyond that, you also have a range of different options when it comes to the types of fixtures that you can buy. New fixtures can really help to enhance the interior design of the home and this is a relatively low cost home improvement.

Additionally, you can even add some lighting to spaces that did not have their own dedicated lights before. If the breakfast area in your kitchen did not have its own light before, then you could add one now or you could consider something like under cabinet lights for the countertops.

Home Theater

A good home theater setup is a gift that every person can enjoy. Now, this is a project that you could do yourself, but there are some serious benefits to having the job done by a professional. A professional will be able to make sure that all of the components are mounted correctly and they will have the ability to hide all of the wiring for a system that is nice and neat. If you want to go all out, you could have an entire room redone for the purposes entertainment. It will cost more, but this will provide the best results for a room that is dedicated to entertainment.

If you are looking for a home improvement project for the holidays, then you have a lot of options. You could go with projects that are a little more practical or you could decide on adding some luxury to the home. Montclair Construction can tackle many of these home improvement projects and we will go beyond the competition to make sure that you get the results that you want. Contact us today for all of your holiday home improvement needs.

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