Fence ideas for small backyard

There is a lot of information about small yard design, from free planning tools and photos to endless pages of tips and ideas. It’s no wonder that searching for small yard ideas can be overwhelming. Here are a few images of small back yard ideas. Here is a tip before you start:
Know What You Want before you start looking to build a new fence.
Before you install your fence, ask yourself what is your reason is for installing it. If it’s strictly utilitarian for example keeping the dog in your yard, you can probably get by with a basic chain link fence. If you’re looking to block noise or add privacy, you will want something solid and tall. Chances are your wishes are more complex, you may want to protect pets, but you also might want to add a decorative element to your home’s exterior. Whatever its/your purpose, a fence can function in many ways, but the first step is deciding what you’re looking for to choose one that works for you.


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