Drainage System / Foundation Repair


Excavate across the foundation, to allow the installation of a French drain system and a secondary solid drain line.
Install a waterproof drain panel adjacent to the foundation where excavation has occurred within the front yard area of home.
Install a perforated drain line wrapped with fabric filter and back-filled over with drainage rock. Install a secondary solid drain line connecting to all roof downspouts at this location, connect both lines together adjacent to the front of home with a solid termination line extending down the right hand side of home to the edge of the property.


Excavate adjacent to the interior foundation behind the location of the fireplace where the existing foundation has fractured. This excavation will be approximately 12 feet in length and extend 12 inches below interior grade.
Install #4 reinforcing steel rebar, epoxy doweled into the existing foundation at 12 inches on center vertically, with three rows of #4 rebar connecting both ends of the good foundation to the fractured portion of the foundation behind the fireplace. Install all required forms and pour the new concrete sister foundation.


Remove the existing dry rot damaged fence posts. Excavate as required for the installation of a new concrete pier. Install new Simpson bracket and pressure treated post to replace that which has previously been removed, pour new pier & reattach existing fence at this location

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