Decorating your backyard fence

Decorating a backyard fence can be a way to make your back yard look better by adding the finishing touch for an outdoor room. The décor could be as simple terra cotta pieces or as elaborate as some wall paintings. With some planning and time, with a gallery on your backyard fence can be just as beautiful as any inside your home.


1) Measure your fence and determine how much of it you want covered with your outdoor wall décor.
2) Brainstorm come up with some ideas for a decorating theme. Good outdoor themes include motifs like sun and moon, grape growing or under-the-sea if your fence is by a pool. Write down your ideas.
3) Shop for the pieces and supplies you’ll need for your project. Purchase the pieces from your list. If you don’t find everything that you’re looking for, but do find comparable pieces instead, buy those as your budget permits.
4) Create a sketch of your backyard gallery in your drawing pad. This will allow you to see how all the pieces will fit together in the composition. All the pieces you purchased from your shopping spree should be on the sketch. The rough measurements between the pieces as well as how much space in inches each piece is going to take up should also be on the sketch. Don’t forget to add the areas where you plan to stencil on designs.
5) Prepare your fence by sanding down all or any rough spots and washing it down.
6) Paint the fence as your decorating plan describes.
7) Mark your back fence using pieces of masking tape. Then use your markers to write the name of the piece that goes on that piece of tape, the tape is the marker for your nails.
8) Drive the nails into the fence where you have placed masking tape markers. For heavier pieces like a fountain, you may need multiple nails or even some sort of heavy-duty wire.
9) Hang each piece in your backyard fence gallery according to your sketch and the places marked by the pieces of tape carefully.
10) Assess your gallery to determine if you have enough pieces, too many or not enough. If you have too many, take some down. If you have too few then go buy more pieces or rearrange the pieces you do have until the gallery is just right.


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