18 Plus reasons to fire your contractor

These are the 18 plus reasons to fire your contractor, but consult your attorney and another reputable contractor that can help you in that process.

0- Contractor who ends up not having a licence and a contract for the job.
1- Contractor did not show up to do the job on the day that he said he would as per contract.
2- Contractor switched the materials on you without you knowing.
3- Contractor using illegal aliens with no insurance on them.
4- Contractor is not able to solve the construction problems that he sees, Asks more money because he is now surprised of the current situation or conditions.
5- Contractor is Using drugs and alcohol on the job or violating safety rules, Look at OSHA work safety rule book.
6- Contractor is not paying his sub contractors.
7- Contractor is not paying the materials for you project as per contract.
8- Bad workmanship.
9- Antagonistic or threatening attitude.
10- Contractor has abandoned the project for not a good reason, rain, earthquake, ran out of materials, etc.
11- Any kind of theft.
12- Contractor is refusing to get a building permit for the project.
13- Contractor is refusing to insure the workers at the job site, for their possible injury, as its required by law.
14- Contractor is working less than 36 hours a week on your job and does not have a full crew on your project and is dragging your project and paying off other jobs with the money that you are paying him.
15- Contractor is hiring subs that are not licensed and insured.
16- Contractor that is using some one else licence, to do the job with you.
17- Contractor is too slow, and missing his dead lines that you both agreed upon in writing.
18- Contractor damaged some portion of the property while doing his work, and did not take responsibility to correct it after your written notice to do so.

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