Custom Porches

A custom porch is a good addition to any house, and usually the first place people look at when looking at your house, that’s if it’s built on the front of your house. Usually people will build their custom porch on the back side of their house so they can overlook back yard activities from it. A custom porch is a good place to setup a grill and kick back and relax with your friends and family. Spending more time outdoors is healthy for you and with your new porch you can take advantage of this. A new porch will add more value to your property and show everyone that sees it that you aren’t afraid to spend your free time at home on your new custom porch. You can have your custom porch built anyway you want it, if you can dream it we can build it and it will be worth every penny you stick into it.


If you are looking for a contractor in the San Francisco bay area to design and build your custom porch, be sure to contact Montclair Construction. If you have any questions or want an estimate don’t hesitate to contact us.

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