Roof Re-tiling

Roof Re-tiling

Building a new roof may be expensive but re-tiling it if often all is needed, which is more affordable.

As the roof is the biggest protection against the elements it should be inspected and kept in top shape. There may be obvious indicators that a roof may need repair, such as water damage, visible cracks, light shining though, but even when those are not present it is always recommended to minimally do a regular visual inspection of the roof; many times the repair is very simple, such as replacing some broken shingled, when the problem is caught early.

Our services range from commercial to residential, from shingled roofs to metal. We’ve come to be the most respected roofing contractor in the area by always treating our customer’s homes as if they were our own. Our crew of roofers combines their extensive roofing knowledge with a focus on customer communication that can’t be beat.

Whether you’re dreaming of a roof remodeling or are just in need of a repair, We can tackle the job expertly. Call us at (510) 547-2457 or schedule a free estimate today to handle all of your roofing needs!
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